Mike Missanelli Changed His Twitter Handle and Removed all 97.5 the Fanatic References

This is probably a nothing story… or is it?

Mike Missanelli, who recently clarified that he was not threatening the Vice President on Twitter, today changed his handle and removed the “975” from it. The banner is also gone. He’s now known as “MikeMiss25” and the mentions of 97.5 the Fanatic are completely scrubbed, which makes his profile look like this:


Said Mike about the change:

“Please take note: In honor of Ben Simmons, I have changed my Twitter user name to Mikemiss25.”

People seemed to think he had been hacked, but that’s apparently not the case. The funny thing is that somebody claimed his old Twitter handle, “MikeMiss975,” and turned it into a Travis Fulgham fan account looking like this:


So the real question is why Mike would change his handle. What’s the point?

One would assume that removing the 975 reference would allow him to continue to post partisan political tweets and call other people idiots and dolts without any of that coming back to Beasley Media Group. It’s like saying “views don’t represent those of my employer” without actually saying it. Maybe Beasley suggested he do this, or maybe not. Just speculating on that.

Mike’s partisan views have resulted in his Twitter account being about 96% politics and 4% sports, and it’s bled into his show as well, which really should not surprise anybody. In a Donald Trump world, we’ve seen everybody from Dan Le Batard to Tony Bruno firmly step into the political arena (on opposite sides of the spectrum), so the lines that used to be drawn between sports and politics were scribbled out a long time ago. The real question is whether or not this has any kind of effect on ratings and/or Mike’s sponsors.

Reporting for Crossing Broad, I’m Kevin Kinkead.