Big RADIO WARS week.

Marc Farzetta is out. John Kincade is in. Mike Missanelli’s contract is extended.

We’ve been on top it all week long at Crossing Broad, because it’s coverage you can count on. The readers demand RADIO WARS.

Jeff Blumenthal at the Philadelphia Business Journal also provides coverage you can count on, and he spoke with 97.5 the Fanatic program director Chuck Damico about the addition of John Kincade, who will start his 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. shift on January fourth:

“Marc is super-talented and we would have loved to keep him as part of our war chest,” Damico said. “But we felt the morning show required a different set of skills and it wasn’t getting enough traction. We just couldn’t keep Marc [and give him a different assignment] because of budget. We just felt John’s skill set was more applicable to a morning show.”

Damico also talked about Kincade’s mentee/mentor relationship with Angelo Cataldi, who is now his competition on the other terrestrial sports talk radio station, 94 WIP:

“We have all the respect in the world for Angelo,” Damico said. “We don’t want to try and be Angelo Light. We are trying to build an alternative. I don’t know how much longer Angelo is going to do this; John is a bit younger. We want to win every day part but we can only control what we can control. And that’s to produce the most entertaining show possible.”

Yeah, look, there’s no point copying Angelo’s show. Cataldi will very easily take that effort and swat it aside, like Muggsy Bogues trying to dunk on Dikembe Mutombo. So what you do is not even try to drive on Mutombo at all, you just take the open shot and try to find another way to be successful. That’s what 97.5 is attempting to do with Kincade, who approaches radio differently than the typical Philly sports talker.

Here’s Jeff’s full story for your reading pleasure: “Why 97.5 The Fanatic replaced morning host Marc Farzetta with John Kincade