Let’s Not Drag Carson Wentz Through the Mud and Kick Him When He’s Down

Photo credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

I wish I could like this Glen Macnow tweet a hundred times:

Thank you, Glen. Somebody get this man an IPA. It’s good to hear a respected industry veteran say what needs to be said.

It’s really a shame how fast we kick people to the curb in this city. We should be embarrassed, because we as Philadelphia sports fans talk a big game about supporting our guys unconditionally, but then have no problem shitting all over them when they struggle, or lose their jobs, or sign elsewhere. We did this with Eric Lindros and Jayson Werth.

The thing about Carson is that everybody wants to attach these nonsense Twitter takes and conspiracy theories to anything regarding him. He’s reportedly a “bad teammate” and “selfish” and all of this other stuff that we have no proof of. We’re going by anonymously-sourced stories that we’d love to believe, but need to approach with understandable caution. Meantime, guys like Torrey Smith, Chris Long, Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox, Nate Sudfeld, and more than a dozen teammates are on record, publicly, defending the guy and his character.

My take is that Carson is just having a shit season. That’s it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s “soft” mentally or physically. It doesn’t mean his confidence is shot. It doesn’t mean his body is shot. Sometimes you just have to slice and dice with Occam’s Razor and default to the most simple explanation, which is that he’s having a bad year. Other franchise quarterbacks have had shit years. For some reason, in this town, we love to read between the lines and always look for more, when “more” might not even be there. Sometimes you have to learn to take things at face value.

To rake this guy over the coals is pitiful. This is the same Carson Wentz who:

  • came into the NFL with incredibly high expectations, playing in Philly after the franchise traded up to get him at #2 overall
  • performed admirably as a rookie, after the guy he was supposed to back up was instead traded
  • played his way into the 2017 MVP conversation
  • threw a touchdown on a shredded knee
  • was a HUGE reason why Nick Foles and the Eagles had home field advantage in the playoffs with a first round bye
  • completed 70% of his passes in 2018 while playing with a busted back
  • won four straight games in 2019 to claim the division and step out from under Foles’ shadow (throwing to nobodies)
  • hasn’t had a decent set of receivers or healthy offensive line in two years

There’s no questioning the guy’s physical or mental makeup. And if the Eagles went out and drafted your back up in the second round and ultimately benched you, you’d be justifiably upset as well. The Adam Schefter report was much ado about absolutely nothing, as William Shakespeare once said.

And just for clarity here, we are not Carson Wentz apologists at Crossing Broad. Bob and Mike pretty much hate the guy. Kyle likes Foles. Anthony is probably the only person still going to bat for Wentz right now. Not everything is black and white, as simpletons in this town would have you believe. You can like Wentz, Foles, and Jalen Hurts at the same time! Imagine that, approaching a situation beyond the caveman level of either/or thinking. You’re not required to pick a fucking side.

Carson Wentz had a terrible season and got himself benched. We can criticize his play all we want, and should, but for people to come out and dunk all over the dude and discard him entirely and demean his character is disappointing, if not predictable.

We are a lot better than this, and he deserves better from us.

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