Curt Schilling Says Mike Missanelli is Among the “Worst of the Worst of the Worst” Media Members

Gotta be honest, Curt Schilling vs. Mike Missanelli is climbing to the top of the all-time Philadelphia sports rivalry charts. It’s right up there with Eagles vs. Cowboys and Howard Eskin vs. technology.

You’ll remember that Mikey Miss recently called for the Phillies to remove Schilling from their Wall of Fame, after Schilling tweeted support of the Washington D.C. Capitol siege. Schilling was a regular guest on Mike’s show back in the day, but due to extreme differences of political and social opinion, the pair now hate each other’s guts.

After Schilling missed out on Hall of Fame induction and asked to be taken off the 2022 ballot, he spoke with Outkick’s Clay Travis and lumped Mike in with a group that he calls the “worst of the worst of the worst” of American baseball writers and media members:


Okay, first things first, Schilling is right about Felger. That guy totally stinks. He’s the Boston radio host who made insensitive comments about Roy Halladay after his death and later apologized. He also had the insanely dumb take about Cam Newton’s touchdown celebrations.

Regarding Missanelli, he too has committed past transgressions, so you can cast individual judgment on him or Schilling as you see fit. In this particular case, Mike believes that Schilling’s stance on the Capitol riot is the final straw in a lost list of problematic incidents that have taken place over the years.

It was this tweet in particular that resulted in Mike taking his current stance:


I’m curious as to how this ends, or if it will end. We gotta get Schilling on Mike’s show again, just so they can settle this once and for all.

If that’s not possible, maybe they meet up in the octagon.

I’d image it going something like this:

<Bruce Buffer voice>

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is, the main event of the evening! Five rounds, in the UFC Welterweight division.

Introducing first – FIGHTING, out of the blue corner. A Philadelphia radio host with a professional record of 35 wins and two losses. Fighting out of Bala Cynwyd, by way of Bristol PA. He is the OUTRIGHT leader in sports talk. It’s Mike Missanelli!

And his opponent, fighting out of the red corner! A three time World Series champion and the 2001 World Series MVP, with a professional record of 216 wins and 146 losses. He has a career postseason ERA of 2.23! Fighting out of Rhode Island, by way of Anchorage Alaska, it’s Curt, “The Bloody Sock,” Schilling!

That’s how I’d imagine it would go. Maybe this summer at the Liacouras Center.