Kyle Brandt Slaps Down Pathetic, Sniveling, Crybaby New York Giants Fans

Evan Engram channeling his inner Beastie Boy with the mmmmmm... drop

We’re now on day three of Giants fans complaining that a division rival did not help them win the NFC East.

The Eagles tanked Sunday night’s game for a better draft pick, doing the logical thing to help their own football team in the long run. They didn’t owe the Giants jack shit, and if tough guy Joe Judge and his team really wanted to be in the playoffs, maybe they should have gone out and won more than six football games.

That’s what national media truth-teller Kyle Brandt said Tuesday morning:


“Last, but certainly not least, my friends, the New York Giants. Week seven, you’re up 21-10 against the Eagles with five minutes left, with Carson Wentz, who didn’t exactly have a bang-up year, and you blew it. Win that game and you’re in. Save your tweets. Save your disgust. Save your pearl-clutching. You don’t deserve anything either. Try to win more games next year. Seven would have done it.”

Thank you for saying this. It is the most obvious and linear thing in the world, but Giants fans continue to complain on social media and on the radio, saying nonsensical things about the “integrity of the game” and blah blah blah. Sal Paolantonio wants the NFL to launch an investigation. What the hell are these people even talking about?

The Giants aren’t in the playoffs because they stink. The Eagles also stink, and so they did what was in the best interest of the Eagles, not the Giants or the National Football League.

This is not hard to understand. It is quite possibly the most black and white thing of all time.

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