Now We’ve Got Curt Schilling Tangling With Glen Macnow, Calling Him a “Fraud” (Updated)

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Surprise! Curt Schilling’s Philadelphia sports radio beef extends beyond Mike Missanelli.

On the same day the former Phillies pitcher called Mikey Miss one of the “worst of the worst of the worst” media members in America, he also criticized 94 WIP’s Glen Macnow, calling him a “dumb ass” and “fraud” and referring to him as “Missinelli Jr.” (sic)

The sniping stems from a story Macnow shared about Schilling’s collection of World War 2 memorabilia, and a visit to his Chester County house, which resulted in Curt writing this Wednesday evening:

Wow, okay. The gloves are off. Schilling is taking on all comers in the Philadelphia sports media.

Here’s how Glen responded:

We reached out to Glen for clarity, and he explained that these items were in a display case in Schilling’s living room. He said the memorabilia was visible upon entry to the house and provided us with this quote:

“My memory is very clear on this.

I was at Curt’s house for a party. His mother in law, a very nice woman, showed me a display box – lucite or glass — that had some WWll memorabilia in it, including Nazi arm bands. I was a bit taken aback and I think she noticed that. She said, “Some people don’t understand that Curt collects war items of all kinds.”

It was interesting that Curt accused me of making up the story on Twitter today, but when I provided details, he went radio silent. I think he knows I’m not lying – why in the world would I create a story like that? I remember other aspects of his house. He had a great finished basement, where the party was centered, that had bat racks around the perimeter with dozens of bats from hitters he had pitched against.

Anyway, my memory of the night and his Kennett Square house is pretty clear. I emceed several charity events for Curt and got along well with him back then. But I also learned a lesson – never become friendly with people you have to write about or talk about on the radio.

By the way, I don’t have a vote, but I’d I did, I’d still vote for him for the Hall of Fame.”

So obviously there are certain feelings invoked when one sees war attire that was worn by the people responsible for the deaths of millions during World War 2. You would understand why someone would be “taken aback,” as Macnow puts it. And for some added background, Glen is Jewish, so while most people would probably be a bit startled to see Nazi items in a display case, there would be added layers for those with Jewish families or connections.

Schilling, in previous interviews, has been consistent in explaining his stance. It’s not a “Nazi” collection that he owns, but a variety of World War 2 items. He’s quoted in a article dating back to 2015:

“The former Red Sox pitcher, who apologized for a tweet Tuesday referencing Muslim extremists and Nazis, told that his memorabilia is “not a Nazi collection. It’s a collection of World War II stuff.’’

He said he did not intend for the collection to offend.

“It was a tragically horrible time in the world’s history,’’ Schilling said. “I have never done anything to offend anyone. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. People that know me know that. I can’t help what people get offended by. I can’t help how people want to interpret things.’’’

This is an interesting debate and something that has been discussed frequently throughout the years. Some people will say that the possession of war memorabilia is a purely historical thing and doesn’t reflect any personal views or sympathies towards one faction or another. On the surface, if you possess British memorabilia from the Revolutionary War, we would not make the assumption that you’re a redcoat. Right? But because of the atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazis, a number of people will say it’s not appropriate for these items to exist at all, not even as collector’s items to be displayed in a museum or historical showcase.

Anyway, Schilling has explained this before, but now you’ve got Glen’s side of this specific story and we’ll update if necessary.