Cam Newton is going back to the Patriots on a one-year deal worth up to $14 million, with a large chunk of that coming via incentives. 

Does it mean anything for the Eagles, RE: draft jockeying?

Not necessarily. The Patriots could certainly go ahead and take a quarterback at #15 overall, or perhaps be a trade partner if they want to move into the top five or top 10 and make that selection. You wouldn’t rule out going for Mac Jones or somebody else if Bill Belichick is high on a particular player.

That said, Felger and Mazz at 98.5 in Boston, who hated the Newton move last year, hate the Newton move this year:

Is Felger in his back yard? Doing the show on his deck? That’s actually a good idea. We’ve been stuck inside for so long that it feels niiiiiice to get outside again.

But what’s with these dudes sounding so crotchety all the time? Mazz’s voice was cracking, like he was seriously on the verge of tears. What is going on there?

And even when they’re right, they seem really annoying. And they are right; Cam Newton had a poor season and the Patriots don’t seem to have much of a plan right now, unless they know something we don’t. I’d be totally uninspired if I was a Pats fan, but to be honest, after that run they had, they deserve jack shit for the next 20 years.

Also, what’s with the third guy wearing a matching Tom Brady Tampa Hat and zip up? Maybe it’s a ‘bit.’ Maybe he’s one of the Boston sports fans who is “Brady forever” or something like that. It’s just kind of a corny look, the matching get up for a dude who doesn’t even play for the Pats anymore. It would be like us wearing a Nick Foles Chicago Bears shirt+hat combo. Weird.