This is March.

NCAA Tournament time baby! (Dick Vitale voice)

The selection show just wrapped up, and we’ve got two local squads going dancing, plus our regional friends, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Yes, Rutgers basketball is in the NCAA tournament. It’s a miracle!

Unfortunately it’s gonna be an absolute dog fight for two of the three squads, because Villanova lost Collin Gillespie for the season and Drexel’s miraculous conference title run saw them rewarded with a sixteen seed and a highly-likely ass whoopin.’

Here’s the Wildcats’ situation:

They’re a five seed with a first round matchup against the Big South champions, the Winthrop Eagles. They went 23-1 this season, losing their only game to UNC-Asheville.

Kyle and I don’t know jack shit about Winthrop, but the experts seem to think the Cats are in trouble:

Yeah? This is interesting. This is one of those cases where EVERYBODY is gonna pile onto Winthrop, the line will move, and then Nova might be playing with a lot of underdog motivation, ala Jason Kelce.

As for the Drexel, they get the distinction of being a #16 seed, and Rutgers is the #10 in the same bracket:

Drexel is cooked, but that’s a good draw for Rutgers.

Clemson is not a juggernaut, and Houston is good, but if you’re giving me a choice of #2 seeds to play in the round of 32, they’re my choice.

Anyway, let’s go babyyyyy. Let’s go Wildcats. Let’s go Knights. Let’s go Dragons. Let’s shock the world.

Check out the NCAA Tournament odds here.

And click here for your printable bracket.