City Receives Complaint About Mask Use at Phillies Games

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

At Tuesday’s COVID-19 briefing, Philadelphia Health Commissioner Thomas Farley was asked about about the current sports situation and volunteered this information:

“I did receive a complaint, with some photos, of Citizens Bank Park, of fans sitting there without masks. I wasn’t happy about that. So we’re communicating to the Phillies that they really need to enforce mask use there. We don’t want spread occurring at any of these events.”

Did somebody snitch? Seems so!

But for real, y’all gotta wear those masks, because we’re trying to get this thing back to normal. We’re trying to get to full capacity here, so just follow the rules or else you’re gonna ruin it for everybody else.

Farley was also asked about Roger Goodell’s recent comments. The NFL Commissioner said he believed that stadiums around the league would be full by the start of the new season:

“It’s just far too early to tell where we’re going to be in the Fall. This has been a long epidemic, but it isn’t over yet. There are many more turns and twists and surprises, so nobody can make predictions of where we’re going to be in the Fall.”


Philadelphia will be 100% for stadiums when the Eagles season begins. We’ve got four and a half months to go, and now that vaccine eligibility has been expanded, my guess is that we’re gonna get it done by the time the Birds kick it off in week one. If I’m wrong, I’ll delete this post and deny I ever wrote it.

h/t David Malandra for asking these questions