Gregg Murphy Launches a New Podcast

Last Summer, Gregg Murphy was waiting for COVID-19 test results when he was informed by NBC Sports Philadelphia that his job was being eliminated.

That’s a rough way to go out, after 20 years with the network.

At the time, the Phillies field reporter said he was disappointed, but grateful for that decades-long experience, and now he’s returning with a podcast titled “Glove Stories” –

If you don’t want to click on the press release that Cindy shared, here’s the description from the podcast website:

Hey, Phillies Phans! As a member of the Phillies broadcast team on NBC Sports Philadelphia, Murph talked to hundreds of former players and coaches. Now he’s joined by famous Phillies alumni on the Glove Stories with Murph podcast. Each week throughout the 2021 season, we’ll release a new episode and we relive some of the greatest moments in Phillies history. 

In addition, every episode will feature a Glove Story from the Phillies World Series seasons of 2008, with Charlie Manuel and 1980, with Larry Bowa!

Pretty cool.

Episode #1 is live, featuring Mike Schmidt, Charlie Manuel, and the Inquirer’s Matt Breen.