Michael Rubin and Friends Got Robert Kraft a Birthday Bentley

from Rubin's Twitter

Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin has been friends with Robert Kraft for some time now.

The pair share common interest in criminal justice reform, and they launched a group dedicated to the cause back in 2019, alongside Meek Mill and Jay Z. You’ve frequently seen Rubin, Meek, and Kraft in the same spot, sharing courtside seats, or doing public appearances, or hanging out at New England Patriots events, or whatever else. It’s like a billionaire bromance of sorts.

The friendship is stronger than ever, and when Kraft turned 80 this past weekend, Rubin posted this message on Twitter:

Two things here:

First of all, any association with Kraft is a violation because he owns two New England sports teams, one of which cheated frequently over the past 20 years. Any self-respecting Philadelphia-area native should be trying to distance themselves from the Kraft/Belichick/Brady trio, and Meek Mill performing at the Pats’ Super Bowl 53 party was a joke and a total backstabbing traitor move.

Second, the fact that Rubin calls him “Robert” is weird. If he’s BFF with the guy, then he’s calling him Bob, or Rob, or Robbie, or something like that. I have never met someone named “Robert” who asks to be called “Robert.” Maybe it’s because Kraft is 80 years old and Rubin is 48 and there’s some deferential respect going on here. No clue.

But wait, the birthday celebration did not stop there.

They bought him a Bentley:

Billionaires buying another billionaire a Bentley? Now that’s something the common man can relate to!

But on a serious note, these guys do put their money where their mouth is. They are serious with the criminal justice reform thing. And Rubin was an ace during COVID as well, producing masks and gowns at his Fanatics factory and raising a ton of money through the ALL-IN initiative. He was one of the dudes who came out right away and really attacked the pandemic head on, while other people were refusing pay cuts or hoarding toilet paper or doing other such selfish things.

So this partnership has led to myriad positive charitable things; it’s just that the entirety of the Rubin/Kraft/Meek/Jay-Z thing has sort of jumped the shark.

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