RADIO WARS: Angry Bob is Returning to 94 WIP

from Mike Barkann's Twitter

Last April, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just getting started, a number of local media companies began to cut costs in order to stay afloat and navigate what they liked to call “these uncertain times.

Among those cutting entities was Entercom, which operates 94 WIP, and caught up in the mix was Rob “Angry Bob” Charry, who ended up taking a buyout and moving on after more than three decades with the station.

Now, with things getting back to normal, he’s returning to WIP:

Charry, we’re told, is coming back in a part-time capacity.

Last year, he was originally offered the overnight shift, which Big Daddy Graham was unable to host due to his health issues. Charry reportedly declined and took a buyout instead.

At the time, he was doing updates during the week and anchoring afternoon weekends with Rob Ellis. When the pandemic hit, Entercom cut updates from all of their local radio properties, and so that impacted a significant portion of Charry’s weekly contributions. WIP had interest in keeping him, but couldn’t make it work.

It’s good to have Angry Bob back. He was a mainstay on weekends for a long time with Hollis Thomas, and was a veteran over there who also served as SAG/AFTRA shop steward. You can never have enough of those Jody Mac/Rob Charry/Rickie Ricardo types of guys, the experienced radio dudes wo can handle the occasional night or weekend shift. WIP has always had a strong stable of part-time hosts.

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