RIP Jim Fassel

Former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel died this week. He was 71 years old.

In his honor, we will share the famous “guarantee” video clip from the 2000 NFL season:

“If you’ve got the crosshairs, you’ve got the laser, you can put it right on my chest and I’ll take full responsibility. I’m raising the stakes right now. This is a poker game; I’m shoving my chips to the middle of the table. I’m raising the ante, anybody who wants in get in. Anybody who wants out, get out. This team is going to the playoffs.”

Gotta love that quote, because he was right. Not only did the Giants go to the playoffs, but they went all the way to the Super Bowl by winning seven-straight games. They started 7-2, lost two straight, and then that press conference took place.

It was annoying because the Giants beat the Eagles three times that season, but whatever. It’s in the past. Shout out to Jim Fassel for having the balls to deliver that famous guarantee. It’s one of the best quotes a NFL coach has ever dropped.


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