Patriots Insider Elaborates on Dumb Tweet

from Pat McAfee's show

On Monday morning, this guy Tom Curran from NBC Sports Boston shared a really dumb video.

He was scanning the NovaCare facility with his phone, talking about how regimented and organized the Patriots were while the Philadelphia Eagles were kind of trickling into practice and taking their time and whatnot. It was an attempt to show that the Pats are a real professional and buttoned-up organization while other teams they hold joint sessions with apparently amount to lazy slobs, or something along those lines.

So Pat McAfee had Curran on his Tuesday show and asked about that topic:

Curran mentions the 2014 Redskins, who went 4-12 under Jay Gruden and totally stunk up the joint. He says they absorbed some habits from New England practices. And? So what? Should we retroactively give Washington a cookie?

Even if we do concede Curran’s point, just for the sake of discussion, then you’re left wondering what the Patriots have achieved here. Have they won the preseason organization award? Do they get a round of applause for executing the NFL’s most structured training camp routine? Should we bend over backward and kiss the almighty Bill Belichick’s ass because his guys are so well-drilled?

The honest truth is that the Patriots aren’t gonna influence jack shit in 2021, let alone how other teams practice. We’re talking about a squad coming off a 7-9 season. Tom Brady is gone. Cam Newton appears to be cooked. Unless Mac Jones is the second coming of Joe Montana, then it ain’t gonna happen for the Pats any time soon. They are going to fall back into mediocrity and hopefully stay there for a long time.

Grass is green, water is wet, and the entirety of New England emanates arrogance. Life’s certainties.

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