Eagles Party Like It’s the Pickle Juice Opener All Over Again

Sep 12, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox (91) defensive tackle Javon Hargrave (97) defensive end Brandon Graham (55) and defensive end Josh Sweat (94) celebrate after Hargrave sacked Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (2) during the fourth quarter at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles demolished the Falcons in week 1 of the 2021 season and they’re gonna party like it’s the year 2000.

The Birds celebrated one of the most surprising and entertaining opening weekends for an Eagles season since Andy Reid had the boys chugging pickle juice back in 2000 with an impromptu dance session in the bowels of Mercedes Benz Stadium.

In a postgame locker room video that would make the “Blair Witch Project” camera operators proud, the Eagles were obviously in high spirits as they celebrated a positive start to the new season. I’m not at all hip, so I have absolutely no idea is blaring through the Eagles locker room, but it sounds pretty boss (do the kids say boss nowadays? I’m not sure). Maybe a sharp-eared reader can let us know on social media.

Airport Johnny tweeted out the the four-second clip of the Birds locker room that showed a number of the younger Eagles on the roster reacting to the win. If you dominate a team as incredibly as the Eagles did on Sunday you can celebrate however you damned well please.

He credited the video to wide receiver Greg Ward, but he either removed it from his social media channels or it was mislabeled.

Either way, the shaky cam makes it a little difficult to tell who’s enjoying the music the most, but if they keep winning like this week in and week out we’ll take whatever videos we can get. More postgame videos and beer sessions with fans as we move through the season, please.

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