Ben Simmons Fine Calculator: Mo Money Mo Problems

practice video screen grab

With Ben Simmons being suspended for tonight’s season opener, we must bring back the fine calculator.

We halted all fine calculations when Ben reported to the Wells Fargo Center last week, but things got a little murky from there. Technically he showed up, but he didn’t play, so was he fined? And what about the Detroit game?

Today we’ve got this from Brian Windhorst at ESPN:

Simmons will be fined $330,000 for missing Wednesday’s game, which will bring his fines for missed games including the preseason to more than $1.7 million.

Let’s add the season opener to the list and see what it looks like now:

  • September 27th – missed media day: ~$50,000
  • September 28th – missed practice: $2,500
  • September 29th – missed practice: $5,000
  • September 30th – missed practice: $7,500
  • October 1st – off day
  • October 2nd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 3rd – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 4th – missed preseason game: $227,000
  • October 5th – off day
  • October 6th – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 7th – missed preseason game: $227,000
  • October 8th – off day
  • October 9th – missed practice (before the Blue X White scrimmage) ~$50,000
  • October 10th – missed practice: ~$50,000
  • October 11th – missed preseason game: $227,000
  • October 12th – back in Philadelphia/off day
  • October 13th – team practiced, unsure of Ben’s involvement
  • October 14th – team practiced, unsure of Ben’s involvement
  • October 15th – did not play in Detroit, unsure if fined
  • October 16th – off day
  • October 17th – practiced with team
  • October 18th – practiced with team (cell phone in pocket day)
  • October 19th – kicked out of practice, suspended
  • October 20th – missed regular season game: $330,000

When we left it last, Ben had been fined around $1,000,600. Add in tonight’s game and it gets up to $1,330,600. Shams reported that the total was upward of one million. Windhorst is reporting $1.7 million, so maybe Ben was actually fined for missing that final preseason game, or docked for other practices, because our calculations are SHORT of what Windy is reporting.

I will “effort” more information and see what I can find.