This is the second time in a month that somebody has called Philadelphia sports talk radio from the hospital.*

Here’s a guy on Monday morning dialing up Angelo Cataldi and explaining that he got so worked up during an offensive series from Sunday’s Eagles game, that it resulted in him having a heart episode and needing medical attention:

It’s one thing to be passionate about supporting your hometown team, but if you get so angry watching a game that your heart begins to flutter, then it might be time to take it down a notch. Dial it back. There are more important things than THE BIRDS, like making sure your body is functioning properly. At least try to understand where the line exists between loyalty and absurdity.

Plus, the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018. That should have been enough to remain satisfied for at least the next 10 years. If people are still getting worked up about the Birds after they finally got over the hump, then joke’s on us. It’s borderline pitiful.

*The other instance took place in September, when a COVID patient called up Anthony Gargano and explained he had blood clots and pneumonia. Charles was his name. Hope he’s doing alright. Same with this dude who called Angelo.