NFL Officials Calling More Penalties this Year

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Thought this was interesting:

According to Football Database, the Eagles still lead the league in penalties. They’re up to 50 on the year, which has cost them 341 yards and five touchdowns. Two have been wiped out due to offensive pass interference, two from illegal touching, and another from a lineman being illegally downfield.

Breaking it down further, the Eagles have committed:

  • two delay of game
  • eight false starts
  • seven offensive holding
  • two OPI
  • one offside
  • three defensive holding
  • one illegal contact
  • four DPI
  • one roughing the passer
  • four unnecessary roughness
  • 17 penalties qualifying as “other”

This seems to be a continuation of 2020. The Birds were tied for the second-most penalties last year and struggled after being a bottom-half penalty team in 2019 and 2018. Might not be strictly a Nick Sirianni problem, though the responsibility falls on him to get it cleaned up.

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