Zack Hample Did it Again

via Twitter (Zack Hample)

Zack Hample. You know this dude, right? He’s the guy who catches the foul balls and home runs and seems to always be in the right place at the right time during MLB games.

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He is a somewhat-controversial figure, and Monday night he caught not one, but TWO home runs during the ALDS game between the Red Sox and Rays:

My favorite thing is that Hample wears a hat that features a generic MLB logo. No specific team or anything like that. It looks like gear they’d hand out to the umpires.

The thing that makes Hample controversial is that people think he kind of pushes and shoves his way towards these balls. They say he takes them from fans and kids, which makes him a dickhead. I guess that’s open to interpretation, but last night on the one catch you can see him moving across the row in order to position himself properly:

Hample is fascinating cat, that’s for sure. The guy is despised by a portion of MLB fans, and has been kicked out of ballparks before. He snuck into the Fort Bragg game a few years ago, which was organized for military members and their families (he later apologized). But he also is involved with charity and has turned his ball-snagging escapades into donations for people who need it.

Of course, there’s always the goofiness of a grown man bringing a glove to a baseball game. Gotta factor that in when passing judgment on Mr. Hample.

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