Gonzo Joining Sports Illustrated

old school CSN photo

Philly media news here:

Gonzo is a former Philadelphia Inquirer and Comcast SportsNet guy. He also had a stint at 97.5 the Fanatic, and hosted middays with Vai Sikahema. He was most recently with The Ringer.

Sports Illustrated is in an interesting spot right now. In October of 2019, there was a massive round of layoffs after previous owner Meredith decided to sell to a new company, which licensed the publishing rights to a group called TheMaven. Nearly half of the staff was let go. Then there was another round of cuts in March of 2020 and a very public spat involving longtime soccer writer Grant Wahl, which resulted in Wahl being canned without severance. Eventually things settled down and then a paywall was erected in February of this year.

There are still some talented people working for SI. Still has that name recognition.