Joe Judge Realizing What We Already Knew – that Jason Garrett Stinks

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Fake tough guy Joe Judge threw a hissy fit when Doug Pederson dutifully and justifiably tanked the final game of the 2020 Eagles season. The Birds turned that loss into better draft position, and ultimately DeVonta Smith, while Judge decided to complain about the integrity of the game and all of this other horse shit, even though his team was 6-10 and had no business even sniffing the playoffs.

Fast forward to this year, and the Giants continue to stink. They somehow got worse, and are now 3-7 after losing to the Bucs on Monday night. They mustered a grand total of 10 points under genius football mind Jason Garrett, the offensive coordinator, who was shaded by Judge after the loss.

From Zack Rosenblatt at

“We’ve got to do a better job of scoring points,” Judge said. “I know that sounds pretty obvious and to the point, but I want to keep it blunt right there: We’ve got to do a better job of putting our players in position to make plays. We have good players. We have to put them in better position to capitalize on it. We’ve got to make sure we sit down tomorrow as a coaching staff to understand how we have to play this game to give our players a chance to make plays.

“As a player, there’s some things I’d be frustrated with as well.”

As a singular example of the offensive ineptitude the Giants showed, check out this abomination of a mesh concept:

This whole thing is very simple. Jason Garrett stinks. We all knew this. Everybody except Joe Judge knew this. We’re talking about a guy who had nine full seasons in control of the Dallas Cowboys and won a grand total of two playoff games. Two! I don’t care if he’s an Abington native and Princeton guy. He’s a disaster. He’s not cut out for the job, nor is Judge, who is a disgrace to the great borough of Lansdale. Judge is not a Philly guy.


Judge cannot fire Garrett yet. He deserves one more game. One more inept performance against the Eagles, and then he gets the axe. The Birds are gonna go up there on Sunday and laye the smacketh down. Nick Sirianni needs to run up the score and humiliate these fools.

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