Sixers vs. Warriors Betting Odds, Picks, Prediction (November 24, 2021)

Sixers vs. Warriors betting
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On Wednesday night, the Philadelphia 76ers will be in San Francisco play the Golden State Warriors. Hopefully you enjoyed the brief hiatus from Warriors dominance the past two seasons, because we regret to inform you that the Warriors are back to kicking the hell out of just about everyone they play. Having the Sixers end this road trip this way feels cruel and unfair, but that’s the Association for you.

Let’s get into our Sixers vs. Warriors betting pick with player prop predictions, odds, and analysis for this November 24, 2021 matchup.


States: AZ, NJ, PA, IN, CO, MI, VA, WV

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Sixers vs. Warriors Betting Pick (November 24, 2021)

There is a faction of basketball fans who believe that Steph Curry ruined basketball. The basis for this belief was stated succinctly by former Golden State Warriors coach and longtime NBA point guard Mark Jackson thus:

I took heat because I said you know Steph Curry’s ruined the game. People thought I was taking a shot at Steph Curry, and I’m glad I had a chance to explain it to him. Because I’m foolish enough to believe everybody got what I’m trying to say…

I’m going to youth games. My kids were young, I’m going to their games and kids are jacking up shots like they Steph Curry, those are horrible shots. And the first thing they do is come off the bench and they shooting shots, and instead of making the move, going to the cup, they’re shooting heaves from half court. I’m like this is awful basketball. This guy has a gift, and he has the ability to make that shot.

Jackson, by the way, wasn’t wrong. The Curry Effect is still running rampant through youth and high school basketball games. Of course, kids were taking ill-advised and low-percentage shots before Curry came along and made so many of those shots that they became, for him, intelligent and high-percentage shots. But the kids that took those shots before Curry came along learned pretty quickly that the game wouldn’t be played that way, because even the kids that made a few of them got the hook from coaches who had no interest in seeing long jump shots (for the most part) ruin possessions.

Once Curry showed up, people (especially kids) believe what they see on television, and so we are still seeing youth and high school basketball games dotted with kids who spot up 29 feet from the basket and let it fly. When you really think about it, that’s an attractive option to the young mind. Making a shot from that distance has a huge “look at me!” effect, and in truth you don’t really have to be a great athlete to take that shot because unless you make like three of them in a row, no one is going to cover you out there. 

But as Jackson said, there’s only one Steph Curry. We may see a shooter as good as Curry again someday, but that guy isn’t in the league right now. The next Steph Curry is probably taking terrible shots in grade school games as we speak, and making enough of them to believe that he can make more. Unfortunately, so are his teammates and his opponents, except they’re missing those shots badly. 

Because when Curry does it, it just looks so easy. When basically anyone else tries it, it looks really, really hard.

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Sixers vs. Warriors Odds

Here’s the line for the Sixers and Warriors at FanDuel Sportsbook:

  • Spread: Sixers +10.5 (-110), Warriors -10.5 (-110)
  • Moneyline: Sixers +420, Warriors -560
  • Total: 216.5

Bets We Like With a Sixers Win

Sixers to Win and Over 216.5 Total Points (+759, FanDuel Sportsbook)

FanDuel Sportsbook

States: NY, PA, NJ, IA, IL, CO, IN, TN, VA, WV, CT, MI, AZ


There are no sure things in professional sports. Any team can win on any given day, etc. Yeah, well, that’s fine and all, but the Sixers aren’t going into Golden State and beating the Warriors on their home floor on the last game of a six-game road trip the day before Thanksgiving. But if you absolutely have to bet them to win, take the over too, because this game will be high-scoring for at least one team.

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Bets We Like Independent of Outcome

Andrew Wiggins Over 18.5 Points (-110, Caesars Sportsbook)

The “Wiggins is a bust” narrative persisted for far longer than it should have because he didn’t turn the Minnesota Timberwolves around. Guess what – Michael Jordan in his prime might not have turned the Timberwolves around. That franchise has been to the playoffs once – ONCE – since 2003-2004. Perhaps not surprisingly, once Wiggins went to a good team and a stable franchise with an elite coach, he developed into what he was probably meant to be all along: a complementary scorer behind a superstar. The Sixers, like most teams that play the Warriors, will be so consumed with trying to keep Curry from murdering them that Wiggins will get plenty of good looks.

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Steph Curry Under 5.5 Made Three-Point Field Goals (-125, DraftKings Sportsbook)

DraftKings Sportsbook

States: NY, AZ, PA, NJ, IN, IL, IA, CO, MI, TN, VA, WV


This prop looks like a misprint until you see that Curry has made nine(!) threes in four of his last seven games, the first of which came in the 50-spot he dropped on Atlanta on November 8. But Curry missed the game at Detroit on November 19 and scored only 12 points against Toronto three nights ago. That doesn’t mean he’s slumping – he’ll probably beat his prop of 28.5 points – but it might mean that making six treys or more in this game is less likely. For that matter, Curry might not even be playing much in the fourth quarter (more on that below).

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Draymond Green Under 7.5 Points (-110, FOX Bet)

Green is an invaluable player who does so many intangible things well that it’s easy to forget that, for the most part, he’s not a stat machine. Green posts a lot of performances like the one he had against the Charlotte Hornets on November 3 – five points, eight assists, 10 rebounds and a +26 on the night. Green is still a very good defender and dirty work guy, but he’s not a scorer. He really doesn’t need to be on this team.

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Sixers vs. Warriors Prediction

Barstool Sportsbook



These are a lot of points to lay, and the 15-2 Warriors aren’t blowing teams out of gyms like they were in the Steph/Klay/Dray heyday. But they are reliably beating teams by double-digits. Other than their three-point win over the Detroit Pistons on Friday night – a night where Curry and Green didn’t play – the Warriors’ last six wins have been by 14, 13, 26, 18, 15 and 15. As for the Sixers, they probably spilled their bucket beating the Sacramento Kings two nights ago. This is the last game of a six-game road trip in which they played every game without Joel Embiid and most of the games woefully shorthanded with other absences. You’ll have to forgive the Sixers if they don’t have enough left not to get boatraced tonight. They’ve earned the right to lose a game badly, and this is that kind of spot. 

Pick: Warriors -10.5 (-110, Barstool Sportsbook)

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