This video, recorded by a Ring doorbell and shared by Reddit user r/XiDa1125, shows ATVs and TWO snowmobiles riding through the streets of Philadelphia on Saturday:

When the first snowmobile came by at 40 mph I laughed like Jeff Bezos when he got back from space.


The streets of Philadelphia are the Wild West from the first day it hits 70 degrees ’til it drops below 60 again. The noise of ATVs and dirt bikes alleviate the sounds of the Mister Softee that parks on my corner and blares the same jingle for four hours like I’m a part of a voluntary torture psyop. I thought I had seen it all in this town until that snowmobile showed up. Where do you store it? Is there a snowmobile gang I can join? If so, are there membership dues? If Bike Life has Meek Mill, who speaks for the BroFlakes (working title)?

According to the National Weather Service, we get only 24 inches of snow a year in the Philadelphia area, which covers the city, South Jersey, and Delaware. Do we still meet up if there’s no snow to ride on that year? Where does the club stand on snowblowers and snowfalls under four inches? All important questions the snowmobile gang doesn’t all have to answer at once.

P.S. I feel like Philly PD needs a snowmobile unit in case we get a major dumping on the city, and I didn’t realize that until I saw this video. Not an entire fleet. The city knows we don’t need to waste any more money than we already have. Like one or two cops that grew up going to the Poconos once a year will suffice. You don’t want grandpa to croak or your wife to have a baby in the bathtub because the weatherman called for 4 inches and we got a foot.

P.P.S. Damn Finnish bomb sniffing reindeer. That’s awesome:

via reddit u/Lierihattu