EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes Look at Carmelo Anthony vs. the Sixers Fan

Screengrab from video

I haven’t seen a video on this site, this exclusive, since the Eagles were still allowed to go to country music concerts:

TNT’s got a million cameras in the Wells Fargo Center and the best video of the Carmelo situation was recorded on what I’m assuming is an iPhone 13 Pro Max? Was that a muffled yet very well placed “Fuck out of here, Melo” behind a mask, so as to not attract security’s attention? We did get a statement from our mystery videographer when asked what took place and they responded:

“I’m not really sure what he yelled but Melo kept calling him a punk ass bitch. Shut up and throw it up on the site.”

(I took liberty adding the last part of the quote.)

Absolutely nobody besides the girl in the front row aggressively flirting with Anthony Davis agreed with the Sixers fans’ ejection. So I’m in those guys’ corner. Mostly because if they were really as aggressive as Carmelo and the refs led us to believe that girl yelling, “Bye Bitch” would’ve been typically met with some words only Christopher Moltisanti is allowed to say to Adriana because it’s a TV show.

Melo almost went full Ron Artest and you never go full Ron Artest at the end there. I can’t tell if it was about those guys or the old guy in the quarter zip chirping Melo with no security in between them like a crazy person:

But wait a minute, I’ve zaprudered the film and I think we found our shooter:

Could that be?? No! Someone get Arlen Specter on the horn I gotta investigate if there’s a second shooter! –

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