Jeff Skversky Resurfaces with Local Basketball Gigs

Jeff with Matthew Rutherford, from the West Catholic vs. Roman Catholic stream

Last week, we tried and failed to confirm that sports anchor Jeff Skversky had left Action News after 13 years.

We contacted Jeff, who did not respond. We contacted Action News, who replied by saying that they “do not comment on personnel matters.” A non-6 source told us that WPVI “eliminated the third sports position,” but again, nothing official from the station and no notice of departure from said talent.

Skversky still has 6ABC written in his social media profiles, and continues to tweet about Philly sports, but his bio has been removed from the WPVI website and, to the best of our knowledge, he hasn’t appeared on the air in quite some time. Based on the timing of the departure, it would seem plausible that his contract simply expired at the end of 2021.

One thing I missed in the initial investigation, which was admittedly somewhat half-assed, is that Skversky took a new gig doing Drexel basketball games:

Some readers emailed us noting that they heard Jeff calling that Drexel/Delaware game for NBC (edit – he was sideline reporting), and I’m 99.99999999% sure that a contracted Action News anchor would never be able to do a side gig for a Comcast-owned station (a competitor). It would be like Jim Gardner picking up some shifts at WIP, talking birds and taking your phone calls at 215-592-9494. (edit- I have since learned that Drexel actual produces these games, and then they air on NBC, so technically there would not be a conflict there)

Jeff also popped up this past weekend doing play-by-play for high school basketball:

Roman Catholic won the game 70 to 60, but yeah, the whole thing is a little weird. Jeff does Action News for a full decade, then completely drops off the face of the Earth. His bio is removed from the website, yet he continues to tweet about Philly sports. Then he resurfaces doing high school and college games for different outlets. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it just sort of came out of nowhere, and nobody seems to want to confirm exactly what happened here.

It’s a mystery!

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