This Video Clip Won’t Make You Feel Any Better About Jalen Hurts

from the all-22 film via Thomas Petersen

If you’re a Birds fan and active on social media, you probably follow Thomas Petersen. He’s the Danish guy who does all of the Eagles video breakdowns.

As you know, Jalen Hurts missed some opportunities in the playoff loss, namely that bomb for Quez Watkins that he didn’t see. Dan Orlovsky and others shared that video on social and it gained major traction.

Here’s more on all of that:

That first play is the all-22 look of the Orlovsky video, so a different camera angle of the missed opportunity. The others are plays that Petersen pulled from the film.

But yeah, woof. These clips kind of go hand-in-hand with the video of the Bucs’ coach telling his guys on the sideline that Jalen Hurts “can’t read” their defense. That story, by the way, is the most-read on Crossing Broad in the still-nascent year of 2022, so it should tell you how much people care about the local football team and its quarterback.

We’ve talked about all of this throughout the year, the idea of Jalen Hurts scanning the field. It was one of the big knocks on him coming out of college, because he did a lot with his feet and/or was a one-read guy who had superior talent wearing the same colors. I saw him play in person at Oklahoma, and my crap team kept throwing 3-3-5 stack looks at him, where he’d just pick out CeeDee Lamb or Charleston Rambo or simply move the sticks on the ground instead. He wasn’t a pocket climber or progression dude; he’d just gash you in every other way imaginable.

Now he’s in the NFL, and the adjustment he has to make in order to become a legit pro passer is pretty steep.

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