Big signing here for Dignitas:

Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and now Boston Scott. The greatest two-sport athletes the world has ever seen. For those that don’t know, Rocket League is a video game that is basically soccer with cars, and Boston Scott is one of the best in the world at it. He’s in the top 99.5 percentile of all the players, while balancing a successful football career. So is Boston Scott leaving the Eagles for a career in eSports? Nope. This is what Ivan Simic from eSports Insider wrote about Boston’s contract with Dignitas:

Scott is the first athlete from the NFL to also play professionally for an esports team. The player joins a Rocket League roster that features featuring Jack ‘ApparentlyJack’ Benton, Joris ‘Joreuz’ Robben, and Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson.

It would be foolish to think Boston Scott will play for Dignitas in every game. However, this is a very creative way of collaborating with a sports star instead of just naming them as a brand ambassador. Dignitas found a player who loves esports is reportedly in the top 0.5 percent of Rocket League players. The organization will surely create a lot of content around Scott in the future which should bolster its brand. 

I love the idea of mixing some Eagles players into Rocket League content. Maybe we’ll get Lane Johnson playing against Boston Scott on the Linc scoreboard or maybe we’ll get some of the Dignitas guys returning kicks against the Eagles punt teams. Sign me up for that! It’ll look like Johnny Knoxville against USC. Scrub Killa vs. Shaun Bradley. Main Event stuff right there:

All I know is it can’t go worse than Jay Ajayi representing the Philadelphia Union as an eMLS player:

…over the course of 24 games, [Jay Ajayi] finished with zero wins and 24 losses. He scored 17 goals and conceded 143, good for a goal differential of -126

Dignitas’ next free agent has to be sook_medik, right?