Report: “Indications” that Jason Kelce Will Not Retire, and Return to Eagles in 2022

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jeff McLane at the Philly Inquirer, Jason Kelce is expected to return for his 12th NFL season:

McLane writes:

Every year for the last four, Kelce has entered the offseason not sure if he has played his last down. He said Friday that he’ll take a few more weeks to decide, but indications are that he’ll return for a 12th season. Several people close to Kelce, while not saying they know what his decision will be, have said they believe he won’t retire.

“I understand that,” Kelce said to The Inquirer. “I’ve done the same thing the last four years and I’ve come back. Before the season started, I honestly thought it was going to be my last year. I thought there’s no chance I could possibly do it another year after that.

“And the season went well. I was healthy for a large portion of it. We ended on a good note, minus the playoff loss, which sucked. But so there’s definitely a lot of things right now that are making me entertain the idea of playing another year.”

The two kegs of beer from Nick Sirianni worked! Jordan Mailata got him drunk!

Tackle Jordan Mailata, who was at Radio Row at the Super Bowl Media Center, said he was planning on meeting up with Kelce this weekend.

“And that’s when I’m going to buy him a couple shots, five beers, all the rounds, and whisper in his ear, ‘Come back, come back,’” Mailata said.

Can Jason Kelce be any more relatable? How many times do we think something isn’t a good idea until you’re 10 beers in?  That’s how you end up with your frat letters on your ass for eternity. Guess what? After I’m done this post I have to go on a hike with the ol’ ball and chain. A hike! I don’t hike. I don’t like to go above sea level. But guess what? I was a half a bottle of wine in when I agreed after she mentioned it was going to be 60 degrees on Saturday. On Wednesday it felt like a good idea. On Saturday it doesn’t. A lot can change in two days. I have two pairs of socks on to account for blisters. I’m going on this god damn hike and I have no one to blame but myself. 

At least I can take solace in knowing I’ve got 365 more days of Jason Kelce in my life. Can’t give Bucs fans the pleasure  of shutting down the Vet and ending Jason Kelce’s career. That’s just too many notches in the belt for a mediocre franchise with two seasons of success.

Me 10 feet into the hike:

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