Play the fight song!

Be honest; how much did you cringe during those three seconds of dead air that felt like an eternity?

“We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two” would be a perfect slogan for this organization. Lets look at what Dan Snyder has given us just in the last 20 years: shit leaking onto your fans, multiple allegations of sexual harassment, claiming you’ll never change the team name, changing the team name twice, suing your fans who defaulted on their season tickets during economic turmoil, selling expired airplane peanuts, profiting off of 9/11, ruining RGIII because of your shitty field, giving Donovan McNabb an $88 million extension (benched a month later), giving Albert Haynesworth $100 million, buying both sports radio stations so they couldn’t talk shit on you, making it illegal for fans to enter the stadium without a car to maximize parking profits, firing your Exec. of the Year and replacing him with a failed Hollywood actor, and firing Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs, Marty Schottenheimer, Jay Gruden, Norv Turner, and Jim Zorn.

Now we’ve got these “Commie” fans stealing insurance jingles and making it their fight song in front of the team store at 7:45 a.m. But if insurance jingles don’t get you off your couch, how about stealing from Disney and just replacing “Titans” with “Commanders?” They’ll never notice:

This was a perfect collection of NFL fans for this moment. We’ve got the rally captain with the cell phone clip on the belt of his Dickies jeans with the giant W chain. There’s Rev. Skin, who’s probably taken out multiple mortgages on his house to pay for Dan Snyder’s season ticket hikes. And then the Road Warrior, who definitely still sleeps in a race car bed. What a crew.

It’s a new era! Pop the champagne you took from your mom’s liquor cabinet: