Pat the Bat’s former Fuck Shack is on the market for $4.3 million at the Lanesborough on 1601 Locust St. in Rittenhouse.

Description from Ryan Sharrow at the Philadelphia Business Journal:

….the bi-level unit has panoramic Center City views and features three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, two private terraces and direct elevator access from the lobby. Built in 1929 as a private men’s club known as the University Club, the building was renovated in 2003 into 18 full-floor residences.

Burrell was the original owner of Penthouse 1, purchasing the unit in 2005 and working with a designer on customizing the space, said Kristen Foote, a broker with Compass RE who holds the current listing. Foote said Burrell was known for hosting parties in the space following the Phillies’ 2008 World Series championship season.


How many times do you think Pat recreated this legendary picture in that weight room? 100? 200?


photos of 1601 Locust St. via Zillow

No word yet on if the upholstery needs a nice deep clean or not.

I know The Bat hasn’t lived in the house since 2012, but I’d like to think he had a hand in some of the decorating. All the crazy stories you’ve heard of Pat the Bat and you don’t think he’s into some “suggestive” art? Who doesn’t like to enjoy a nice fire while out of the corner of your eye spotting a Marilyn Manson lookalike going doggystyle on Sally from a Nightmare Before Christmas? –

Or “Reverse Cowgirl” hanging out two inches from where The Bat rested his head at night, complimented by “Barenaked Lady” administering Hepatitis B to anyone who puts their sandwich on it after:

Not to mention the Terracotta Warrior Burrell definitely stole when he broke into the Franklin Institute after going wire to wire at Buffalo Billiards with a 1:05 p.m. start time the next day:

This also is the apartment Brett Myers referenced when he told the story of the Phillies partying at Burrell’s place after the 2008 World Series win:

I know a guy who is a legendary former bartender in the industry who has a ton of stories from the late 2000s about the Phillies and Sixers in Old City. He was there the night Pat the Bat bought the beer and actually reached out after CB wrote about this a month ago to give even more context:

“Hey man the night the Phil’s won the series. I was bartending in Old City at the time. After the final out the place cleared out. My GM at the time was like fuck it lets close and grab some 6packs outta the cooler and head down to Broad St. We did just that. 4 of us grabbed two sixers each and went to the party. Anyway later I ended up at McGlinchiys (I know it’s spelled wrong.) all the sudden The Machine walks in at 1:30am and was talking to the manager at the time Ray. Everybody was like oh shit that’s Pat the Bat and were buying shots and giving him high fives. I don’t know about now but back then McG didn’t sell takeout. Pat was asking Ray if he could buy some cases of Bud Light. Burned into my soul from that night is The Machine walking out of McG with two cases of Bud Light. One on each shoulder.”

Two cases of Bud Light, one on each shoulder. The Machine. The Legend.