If you listened to 97.5 the Fanatic this afternoon or read our earlier post, you know that Anthony “The Cuz” Gargano is on fire. He’s out here looking like one of the pilots from Top Gun while celebrating a big Sixers win. Play the song, Choonis!

John Gonzalez, a former 97.5 the Fanatic host, wasn’t buying it though. He’s not feeling the enthusiasm being shared by Cuz:

Would Cuz be made aware of the slight? Would he shrug it off? What’s the move here?

The move is to respond to Gonzo LIVE on the air:


“Gonzo, like seriously, again, if I offended you, instead of tweeting that out, how about you call me up? Seriously. Call me up. I’m sure you’ve got my number. Your wife has my number. Call me up! She can go to Mike Garafolo, from the NFL Network, who has my number. You call me up. You wanna be like a dude on Twitter? I never understood that stuff. The most ridiculous thing is a Twitter fight. That’s so weak. You’ll never see my fighting on Twitter, that’s not my style.”

I can confirm the latter because I once said that being a “four for four” fan is crock of shit, so The Cuz told me to call the show to talk about it and we did. It was cordial. No Twitter fight.

But that entire paragraph makes me laugh. “Your wife has my number.” Hilarious. Colleen Wolfe is Gonzo’s wife. She works for the NFL Network and is doing very well. Maybe there’s a hidden diss in there, but only The Cuz knows.* And then Gargano just casually drops Mike Garafolo’s name in there. Ask Garafolo for his phone number.

As Andrew Salciunas reiterates, Gonzo used to work at the Fanatic back in the day. I’m old enough to remember Gonzo and Vai on middays. It was a decent show, I thought. Straightforward, no hot takes or whatever. I once called up from the Springfield Mall to talk about Owen Schmitt. But anyway, when Gonzo was at the Fanatic, Gargano was still at WIP, so if there was any pre-existing animosity, it was as cross-station rivals, not former colleagues. Who knows? Maybe there’s something there that we don’t know about.

What needs to happen now is that Gonzo needs to take Cuz up on his offer. Gonzo should call the station at 610-632-0975. OR – I’ve got the direct line, too, if Gonzo wants it. Just call me and I’ll give it to you.


*Upon further review, I’ve ruled that this is indeed a massive diss