Doc Rivers to the Lakers Won’t Go Away with Report that LA Hasn’t “Abandoned Hope”

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Since the Conference Finals stink so far, the biggest news is whether or not Doc Rivers will be coaching the Lakers next season. We had Gery “With One R” Woelfel report the hottest rumor out of NBA pre-draft camp was Doc Rivers to LA. All of that momentum was killed when Woj and Shams announced the finalists for the Lakers coaching job, and Paul Hudrick squashed Gery’s rumor mongering. Now we have Marc Stein, who carries way more weight in NBA reporting circles, saying the Lakers haven’t “abandoned hope” that Doc will become available this summer:


Neither have I.

People are really trying to make Doc Rivers to LA a thing and its not just Sixers fans:

So who is leaking the Doc to LA news? Bill Simmons thinks it is his buddy Daryl:

Stephen A. Smith thought James Harden threw the series hoping to get Doc Rivers fired and replaced by Mike D’Antoni. He’s also from LA. Him and Jeanie Buss party in the same clubs:

LA Times writer Bill Plaschke is helping push the agenda:

Don’t forget where Doc falls on the MJ vs. LeBron debate:

Plus, the Lakers don’t have a first round pick until 2025 so fans don’t have to worry about Doc burying a young guy with upside on the bench. You have a couple more years left before LeBron goes to Cleveland to play with Bronny. Don’t you want a coach who is a proven winner for one last title shot? Darvin Ham sounds like a British holiday meal. Kenny Atkinson eats his own earwax. This move might make to much sense. We’ll take that 2025 first off your hands.

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