Howard Eskin Wants Joel Embiid to “Grow Up” and Stop Sending “Childish Cryptic Tweets”

old man yells at cloud

The King checking in on Twitter:

Good job by Howard here. He tagged Embiid, cropped the photo (even though he could have just quote tweeted), and even added a #Sixers hashtag. Maybe his social media game is improving, even though social media “is not social and not media.”

The body of the tweet is flat though. Old man yells at cloud! Maybe four years ago Embiid needed some maturation, but now we’re talking about a 28-year-old father who was MVP runner up and NBA scoring champ, who pulled the Sixers along for months while Ben Simmons sat out being a big baby. Then Embiid played in the postseason with a broken face (for the second time) and messed up thumb, so nobody in their right mind can sit here and criticize Embiid for anything. He deserves 0 percent of the blame for this playoff exit.

Beyond that, he’s a jovial and flippant dude who sometimes trolls on social media. No big deal! God forbid athletes show some personality every once in a while.

Remember, Howard can’t stand the Sixers. It’s part of the shtick. The Eagles can do no wrong because he’s the uber-important sideline radio guy, but everything basketball is shit. When you’ve got your own colleague hanging up on your for your Embiid opinions, you know you’re on the wrong side of the fence.

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