In Honor of David Kelleher Falling Asleep at the Sixers Game, Here’s Our Top 10 Delaware Valley Car Dealer Catch Phrases and Commercials

that's... craaaaaaazy!

David Kelleher of David Auto Group fell asleep at the Sixers game on Sunday night. No big deal. It happens. We’ve all been there before. Maybe he lied about how many drinks he had, but only he knows. At the end of the day, if the dude wants to get absolutely smashed and then helped off the floor by an usher, that’s his business. It just means he’s having some fun and living life, and now he has to segue this episode into his next blowout sales event at the dealership. These prices won’t last!

We’ve been inspired by this viral event, and decided to turn it into our next award-winning listicle. We’ve compiled what we believe to be the best ten car dealer slogans, jingles, and commercials in the greater Delaware Valley.

Now to the list, which is not presented in any kind of order:


Is Barbera the best? boy I guess!

You knew Gary Barbera had to be on the list. I heard this guy’s commercials for 20 years before I ever even made it down to the Roosevelt Boulevard (a deathtrap, if we’re being honest.). Is Barbera the best? BOY I GUESS.


It’s all about you at Rafferty Subaru

This article inspired me to Google Rafferty Subaru and find out where it’s located, because I had no clue prior. It’s in Newtown Square, so go figure. Route 3 between West Chester and Broomall, which is where Bernie lives. Bernie from Broomall.


Jim Sipala wants to see ya in a Kia / that’s crazy!

We had to go to the Crossing Broad politburo for a ruling. Technically, there are two catch phrases here. You have “Jim Sipala wants to see ya in a Kia,” but then within the same car dealership there exists the “that’s craaazy!” slogan. At the end of the day, we decided to combine both into one entry.


Jack Sell ‘Em for Less

The only thing about the “Jack, sell ’em for less” catch phrase is that I never actually remember the name of the actual dealership. It’s Del Toyota, all the way out in Coatesville.


Do the deal with Gordon Chevrolet

Gordon Chevrolet was using “do the deal” before it became a Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota Twitter line and frequently-used Kinkead hashtag. Credit to Gordon Chevrolet for the inspiration.


Cherry Hill Nissan, the friendly Nissan Giant

One of my favorite things is how car dealers always use their family members in commercials, especially when the daughter has to throw on a dress. Does family even want to be in these ads? How does that look behind the scenes?

“Hey kids, we’re filming a new commercial today! Get your things, we’re headed to the dealership at 9 .a.m.!” 


Want it for less? You gotta see Jeff! Jeff D’ambrosio

What’s with all of the car dealerships located in the Downingtown area? Is there something about the Paoli/Exton/route 30 corridor? Now I know where to go when my Nissan Frontier shits the bed.


I’ve always been your dealer, maybe you just didn’t know it yet

David Kelleher is now the GOAT of local dealers. Personally, I think his sales are going to skyrocket after the “catnap” that he took the other night.

“I’ve always been asleep, maybe you just didn’t know it yet”


Gotta be a Matt Blatt Kia

More New Jersey representation via Matt Blatt Kia. It’s gotta be a Matt Blatt Kia.

As a quick aside, what’s your Mount Rushmore of NJ Horse Pikes? Right now my list includes black and white.


Any commercial from F.C. Kerbeck

Mostly just for the memorable music. Also, I’ll hand out a $100 donation to charity for the next rec league soccer team that names their club “FC Kerbeck.” Get it? Like a soccer joke? Instead of Frank C. Kerbeck it’s Football Club Kerbeck?


Honorable mention of commercials/dealers: Fred Beans, Pacifico Ford, Concordville Nissan, Colonial Hyundai, North Penn Mazda, Reedman-Toll, Springfield Mitsubishi