Kyle Must be Allowed to Launch Hot Dogs with the Phanatic at the Next Dollar Dog Night

As you probably know by now, our Crossing Broad colleague Kyle Pagan embarked on a successful effort to add another Dollar Dog Night at a Phillies game this season. He called Senator Bob Casey, and with the gracious effort of an aide named Regina, the events that brought us to another DDN were set in motion.

Now he is receiving mentions in outlets much larger and much more influential than CB, like Action News:

“The first Dollar Dog Night was on April 26. The second was May 3.

That did not sit well with fans, especially reporter Kyle Pagan of the sports website ‘Crossing Broad.’

The site posted a video Thursday of Pagan calling Sen. Bob Casey’s office and speaking with a staffer named Regina to help with the matter.

Regina told Pagan she’d pass along his concerns.”

And NBC Sports Philadelphia:

Phillies fan and Crossing Broad contributor Kyle Pagan, who’s been a true Sports Man About Town over the last six-plus months, decided to bring this issue up with the powers-that-be.

No, not Phillies managing partner John Middleton: Pagan went instead all the way to Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.

And the Inquirer: 

And in some small way, the confirmation of a third date could be thanks to Sen. Bob Casey and Crossing Broad reporter Kyle Pagan.

I love it. Kyle is now a “reporter.”

More importantly, this is Democracy in action. This is how individuals contact their elected leaders and express their concerns. The system works! Accountability reigns supreme! Regina is a woman of the people. She, like Dorothy Mantooth, is a saint.

The only way to put a bow on this is to have Kyle throw out the first pitch at the next Dollar Dog Night. Get Regina and Senator Casey up there, too. Or, if that’s not possible, let’s put him on the ATV with the Phanatic and we’ll fire weiners into the crowd. There are suitable rewards on the table here.

He’s earned it. This is not just me blowing sunshine up his ass, because I’m his boss. This is true Democracy. This is America.