WE DID IT! – The Phillies are Scheduling Another Dollar Dog Night this Season

Dan Gelston from the Associated Press reached out to Aramark after Senator Bob Casey retweeted the video of me calling his office to request that the Phillies schedule more Dollar Dog Nights.

He got this quote from a rep:

“The Phillies and Aramark work together on the dates. We are planning for another dollar dog night, and we will be announcing that in the near future.”

Jesus. You can almost hear the disdain from the PR person. Do they think they’re above answering questions about cheap meat?*  Maybe if you were better at your job we would’ve nipped this in the bud sooner instead of me having to call the Senator’s office and get the ball rolling. If the Phillies and Aramark ran the city of Philadelphia nothing would get done. Dollar Dog Night is an important issue. Not like a real issue like say crime, but an issue.

There’s no chance the Phils were doing another DDN until this movement. Johnny Mids thought this team was going to perform better and ticket sales, merch, etc. would help him recoup the luxury tax money he spent while charging $5 for a hotdog 79 out of 81 games. That’s why they scheduled only two DDNs in back-to-back weeks and hoped nobody would notice. Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to wake up earlier in the morning to get one by me John. There should be a DDN once a month. Fans deserve to be rewarded for 11 years of zero playoff games.

But at the end of the day the only thing that matters is there will be another Dollar Dog Night this season! Thanks to Senator Bob Casey, Regina, Crossing Broad, me, you the readers, & whoever created hot dogs:

P.S. I don’t think it’s too much for me to ask to launch dogs with the Phanatic when the DDN is scheduled. Let me ride around out there drunk and smacking the launcher like Pat Burrell:

*Kinkead: I’m stunned that Aramark actually responded to a PR request 

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