Nick Wright doesn’t often have good takes, but he’s on a bit of a heater this week. An unlikely Sixers ally!

Monday, he lamented the MVP award going to Nikola Jokic for a second straight season, as Joker sits at home while Joel Embiid battles a broken face, concussion, and messed up thumb in an effort to get his team into the Eastern Conference finals.

Now he’s got ANOTHER good take, combatting the ridiculous assertion that Embiid was being mopey in Game 5 because he didn’t win MVP:

Correctamundo! Nick Wright is on the right side of history here.

Embiid even admitted that he knew the MVP was going to Jokic. Only Anthony Gargano and that other guy who deleted his tweet thought Embiid still had a chance to win it even after votes from the fake news national media started to go public. You had multiple people from Tencent voting and The Ringer got at least four votes that we know of:

I hope we don’t do the “Joel Embiid is soft” thing today. He’s playing through a broken face, concussion, and messed up thumb. There are conversations to be had about bad luck, and how he always ends up with some injury in the playoffs, like last year’s meniscus or the illness that bothered him in 2019, but in 2022 let’s leave the “injury prone” takes at home. The broken face came from a cheap elbow, and the thumb is what it is. He’s a big man playing a physical game. It’s not like he’s messing around in his driveway and tearing his ACL, or sneezing while on vacation and throwing out his back. He’s suffered injuries in load management seasons and suffered injuries in non-load management seasons. All we can is roll the dice and hope he gets through unscathed at least once in his career.

Anyway, does Nick Wright remind anybody else of Tom Green? They look very similar. I think Wright should reproduce the SAMSE skit from years ago. It’s the Space Age Mobile Smoker’s Environment: