The Phillies Should Continue to Let Fans Pick a New Outfield Design – Here are Some Suggestions

via @Phillies on Twitter

The Phillies let the fans vote for their new centerfield design, giving them the options of cutting a “P” or a bell into the outfield grass. The bell beat the piss out of the “P” design like the Phillies did the Dodgers this weekend:

Here’s the big reveal:

Ehh. I thought the “P” looked really cool, but I didn’t vote. Rule #1: You can’t complain with the results if you didn’t vote. I hope the Phillies continue letting the fans vote for a new field design in center field every month. If they do here are a couple they should consider:

Rhys Hoskins’ O-Face

The best picture from the ass whooping the Phillies laid on the Dodgers this weekend. The moment Rhys Hoskins realized the Phillies were turning this season around. This will take a lot of man hours to complete, but with the Phillies auctioning off a labor camp for charity they should have enough hands to get it done.


D Battery

Fuck it. Lean into the joke. Do we really even know if that story is actually true? I’ve never seen one video or picture of this happening. Maybe because nobody’s camera worked that day…but still.


Phillies Phone Launcher/Mets Scumbag

Easily the best moment of the year so far and it’s probably our best win over the Mets this year. This picture cracks me up with the look on Mets Scumbag’s face. Gotta commemorate it.


Phillies Have Made the Playoffs 15x in 138 Years

Just an absolute bananas stat that I feel like if you said it to a Phillies fan they wouldn’t believe you.