Another Day, Another Phillies Graphic Gone Wrong

via @mattrappasports on Twitter

Big couple of days for graphics involving the Phillies. You had NBC Sports talking about Odubel Herrera’s solo shit in the 5th inning and now the Scott Van Pelt Show can’t come to grips that the Phillies have won seven in a row:

Good save by SVP there. Rob Thomson is the greatest manager in the history of baseball. At least Phillies fans are calm and reasonable people and they won’t write a couple hundred words on an honest mistake. They won’t call for that editor’s job and accuse them of being a Mets fan. Unreasonable? Who, us?

Honestly, I don’t blame ESPN, because that graphic was probably made six years ago and it was just stashed away in a file waiting to return. Oh the Phillies lost six in a row again? Fire up the graphic. Not this time! We have a savior. Canadian Jesus. He turned the entire clubhouse around by letting them play music and be themselves.

His team is turning the other team’s bat boy into a fan:

How can a guy like Tony La Russa get drunk and intentionally walk players with two strikes and managers like Rob Thomson have to wait 28 years for their gig? –