Everybody is Fired Up About the New Eagles Wordmark

What do you do when you’re bored on a June Thursday and we’re between OTAs and Training Camp? If you’re the Eagles, you introduce a new “Wordmark.”

E – A -G – L – E – 5! Still better than how Chris Martin spelled it:

Just a quick straw poll using the comments from these tweets I shared, it seems that the majority of people don’t like it. Which I chalk up to “people don’t like change.” Think about it. What’s so bad about it? Genuinely curious. Everyone bitches about new branding, but never say why they hate it. I don’t love the EAGLE5 look and it does look a little Jets-y, but its more modern. People are talking about the logo like it’s a Tinder match like this guy:

No personality? What’re you trying to decide, if you should bring the logo home to meet your parents or something? Are you buying dinner for the logo hoping it’s down to fuck? What are we doing here?

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