Fugazi Nets Blog Report is Clarified

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

There were reports from a Nets blog account with a blue checkmark that said James Harden would opt out and sign a two year deal. That is apparently wrong. Nets blogs should spend more time focusing on Ben Simmons’ vacation from his vacation and less on James Harden extension news.

Thank God we have Kyle Neubeck and Woj to clean it up:


If James opts in it’s $47 million for this season. If you add a two year deal “short of a max contract” into the mix I’m assuming it means they’d pay him what, two years of what that $233 million max deal would cost? Maybe at a slightly smaller number? I know players make different sums year to year, but if you broke $233 million into fourths it would be $58.25 million each year. (Kinkead: they are probably better off with an opt out and scaling three-year contract that gives them flex this year).

What is going on in Camden? Did the Sixers look at the Warriors “Checkbook Championship” and decide they were going to set money on fire? Is the 10% HBSE is getting back from Michael Rubin leaving going to all these moves? Between this and reportedly trying to give 37 year old PJ Tucker $30 million are we sure Daryl Morey isn’t showing signs of early dementia? Someone needs to put Daryl through some tests. Quick, get him on a bike:


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