Mike Missanelli had the Most Awkward Call with Former Producer Jason Myrtetus

Jason Myrtetus Twitter picture

Here’s the audio of the awkward Jason Myrtetus call into 97.5 the Fanatic after Mikey Miss announced his departure:

Myrtetus: Are you announcing anything else or are you just announcing today’s your last day?

Miss: I’m just announcing today’s my last day because I don’t know anything else. 

Talk about wanting to crawl out of your skin. Is it me or was Myrtetus enjoying Mike’s last day a little too much? Mike’s still choking back tears from being canned and Myrtetus was talking to him like they were on a private line. I did laugh out loud at Tyrone having to play the “Won’t see him no more” drop, which just added to the discomfort now that we know he’s taking over the slot.

Et tu Tyrone?

via @NBCSPhilly

According to Myrtetus, he wasn’t listening, he actually hasn’t listened to sports radio in 18 months, and was just texted to call in and talk to Mike about his last day:

If you want more behind the scenes of the Mikey Miss and 97.5 Breakup check out The Wooderboys Podcast where we got the scoop from Kevin Kinkead (& child):

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