Peter from Maple Shade is Cross Examined by Jonny Marks and Ike Reese

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Marks and Reese had Peter from Maple Shade, the jagoff WFAN caller who told them he almost got in a fight with Nick Sirianni, on their show Thursday afternoon. Here’s the audio. Let’s see if you can make it past 15 seconds before realizing Peter is full of shit:

Peter from Maple Shade might be the softest guy ever to come out of the Bronx, which is probably why he moved to Maple Shade. He couldn’t cut it. Martin Scorsese ain’t making any films based off of a guy named Peter. If Ray Liota’s character in Goodfellas was named Peter, it’s an instant flop.  Good cross-examination from Marks & Reese. They had Peter dead to rights within two minutes.

The only thing Nick Sirianni should be accused of is bad etiquette. Can’t talk during someone’s back swing. I hereby sentence Nick Sirianni to three Hail Mary’s and one Our Father and this case is then closed.

P.S. After we saw Jordan Mailata and the Kelce brothers getting boozed up in Sea Isle yesterday the odds had to be +1500 Nick Sirianni would be the one with the fight story leading the Philadelphia news cycle today.

Kinkead: This unfurled exactly how we theorized. An encounter did take place, but the story was exaggerated. Now all of the people who thought this was 100% fake can go sit in the corner for 15 minutes:

More here from James Kratch at ESNY:

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