Q102 Caller Wants Other Men to Sleep with his Girlfriend, as Long as they Aren’t Cowboys Fans

Photo Credit: Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Some guy named Nick called into the Bex and Buster show on Q102 Wednesday evening to talk about his cuck fetish:

Shout out to this guy for drawing the line somewhere. You can let an entire football team run a train on your girlfriend, as long as their checks aren’t signed by Jerry Jones. Hang this guy’s jersey in the Linc, but instead it’s the gym sock he jerked off into as he’s watching his girlfriend get filled like a Tastykake.

Here at Crossing Broad we do not cuck shame, because if you ask me, cucks are the most selfless people on the planet. Locker rooms could use more cucks. If you told me that most of the 2017 Eagles roster was made up of cucks I wouldn’t be shocked. Imagine all the sacrifice that team had to endure. The running back by committee approach, former #2 pick Chris Long playing backup snaps, Nick Foles never complaining about being the backup after winning Super Bowl MVP, and Doug Pederson’s ego not getting in the way of Philly Philly. I’ll tell you who is 100% not a cuck: Carson Wentz. Guy hates to share. Dork.

P.S. I don’t really listen to Q102 like I used to, but does anyone remember The Freakshow and Hot Girl Check In in the early 2000s?

“Da na na na na na na na IT’S THE HOT GIRL! HOT GIRLLLLLLLLL! HOT GIRL CHECK IN” I used to fall asleep to Tammy from Maple Shade calling in and telling everyone the hot girls are all going to Onyx.

Kinkead: I thought this might be fake, but in 2022 ya never know

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