An update to the original Nnamdi story that LeSean McCoy told on I AM ATHLETE podcast. Former Eagle Clay Harbor weighed in and said he was the one who burnt Nnamdi Asomugha, not Brent Celek, and that it was a slant and go:

Am I crazy for thinking this might actually make Nnamdi look better? I know Clay was a backup tight end for most of his career, but for some reason Nnamdi getting beat by old cement shoes Celek (who I love and have eaten at every single restaurant he’s opened in the city) is much worse. Especially when Clay was a training camp Hall of Famer the likes of Tyree Jackson last year:

Anyway, we’ll get to the bottom of this. Clay is coming on Crossing Broadcast Thursday to give us more insight into what happened that day, the Dream Team, and some Bachelor talk. A little bit of something for everyone. Check out yesterday’s episode where we talked about Schwarbs getting robbed in the Derby, Russ’ spicy Mike Trout take, and more: