Mayor Kenney said some dumb stuff on Monday night, basically admitting that he’s looking forward to not being mayor because it’s hard to deal with all of the crazy bullshit that happens in this city.

“Wah wah I don’t like my job,” etc

He has now issued a follow-up statement, and here’s the portion relevant to what we wrote about this morning:

“I’d also like to clarify some of the comments I made at the press briefing last night at Jefferson Hospital. In a late-night, overwhelming moment of frustration, I said I was looking forward to no longer being mayor. Let me be clear, I’m incredibly grateful to be mayor of this great city and for the people who elected me to lead.

“Cities and city leaders across the country have felt the impacts of the pandemic and the escalating gun violence epidemic for years now. There has been so much tragedy in this country of late, and many of us are dealing with the trauma and our feelings of frustration, anger, and deep sadness about the issues plaguing our society. I ran for Mayor with the goal of helping every Philadelphian reach their potential. As mayor, I feel personally responsible for the well-being of every Philadelphian, and it’s a weight I carry with me every day—every waking moment. And I know that far too many residents worry daily about their safety and their loved ones too.

“I care deeply about the safety of our residents and the future of our city, and that’s why I’m disappointed with how I conveyed my sentiments last night. I made Philadelphians feel like I don’t care, and that cannot be further from the truth. I’ve said it many times before, I lay awake at night thinking about the challenges facing the residents in our city and what more we can be doing or doing differently to solve them. Being mayor comes with a lot of restless nights, so I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

“Our residents deserve to feel safe in their city, and our traditions cannot and will not be ruined by the scourge of gun violence. I love this city, and as Mayor there’s nothing more I want than to help solve this problem and keep our residents and visitors safe.”

Thoughts? You tell me.

(This is not a political post. For real. I’d hammer Kenney if he was a Republican, Libertarian, Green Party, Independent, Working Families Party, etc. It’s an apolitical issue. The guy who is supposed to be leading this city dispersed enough loser energy last night to rival the Limerick Power Plant’s nuclear output).