Cuz had Gerald Huston, the guy who pranked Ben Simmons in the candy store, on The Fanatic today to talk about the video:

Huston said he did it because Simmons punked some kids earlier who just wanted a picture with him. I have to side with Huston and the Cuz on this one. First, renting out a candy store for you to personally shop in is hilarious to me. It’s not Rolex. It’s not Gucci. It’s a candy store. How much time do you really need to pick out candy? Second, Ben didn’t have to take any pictures, but if he was smart he’d buy some kids a couple hundred bucks worth of candy, and now we’ve got an easy kind-hearted story that the Internet will run with. Slowly build that credibility back up. Instead he gets punked on camera because he is a punk.

(Editor’s note from Coggin: What’s worse, renting out an entire candy store or building a candy store in your house like Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey did back in the day?)