Colorado Rockies Usher Expounds on Viral Zack Hample Encounter

via Twitter (@LovetheRox)

Last month, we did a post about an altercation between Zack Hample and a Colorado Rockies usher named John. Long story short, Hample was ball hawking at Coors Field and John wouldn’t let him into a different section, and with the whole thing being filmed it easily went viral.

Out of absolutely nowhere, we have an UPDATE on this story:

Okay, so Usher John alleges that:

  1. Hample was in the handicap section
  2. a boy in that section asked coaches for a ball
  3. coach throws the ball, kid doesn’t catch it
  4. Hample picks up the ball instead and claims it for himself

That’s some pretty cutthroat stuff right there. If the ball was thrown specifically toward someone, just do the right thing and hand it to them, especially if it was a kid who missed the catch. This isn’t the time or space for a “tough shit” life lesson. That’s my stance.

Shannon also tweeted this:

Hample did say in an interview that John was being “cranky and power tripping,” though he did offer a pseudo-apology for things turning negative. In the past, we and other outlets have noted that Hample donates to charity and does numerous positive things as well, but it seems like public opinion of him in 2022 is mostly negative, and it centers around the thought that he’s denying kids the experience of catching a ball. It’s less about doing something nice AFTER THE FACT, and more about allowing these kids to enjoy the moment. Make sense?