Jeff Skversky Mystery Employment Status Update: Confirmation

Jeff's 6ABC head shot

This story is more than 72 hours old, but I was off/sick when it happened, so I’m gonna throw it up here anyway because people have been asking:

The short version of this story is that Jeff disappeared entirely from Action News back in January, but never announced his departure. He resurfaced with a couple of side gigs but still had Channel 6 in his social media bios, even though his head shot had been removed from the Action News website.

We had a bunch of people emailing and texting, asking “do you know what’s up with Skversky?” We had no clue, and had to launch an official investigation, learning this via a source:

“…what happened is Disney downsized across the O&O’s, and we (Action News) went from three sports reporters to two. So it’s just Jamie and Ducis now. Apparently they were thinking about bringing back some of the laid off people in different roles, so that’s probably why Jeff never made an announcement and probably why he still has 6ABC written in all of his bios.”

Jeff’s Twitter bio now says “Formerly 6abc WPVI Philadelphia,” so we can bring this investigation to a close. And congrats to him, for real. 13 years at Action News is pretty sick. That is one of the best television stations in the entire country, so working there for more than a decade is a great thing to hang your hat on.

If I had to guess, Jeff’s new gig is going to also be in TV. Probably doing sports in a different market. We’ll set the odds at -250.