As I mentioned last week, there’s a lot of competition in the Eagles postgame show “space,” which is the hot buzzword these days. Keep an eye on this “space.” We’re looking to enter this “space.” Blah blah, etc.

In addition to the classic show on NBC Sports Philadelphia, you’ve got JAKIB Media entering the fray with a postgame show of their own. We reviewed that last week, and we’re gonna do a recurring column going over all of the options available to you. Today, we’re focusing on the new Inside the Birds offering, anchored by Adam Caplan, Geoff Mosher, and Tra Thomas:


  1. I like the design here. You’ve got a triple box with the final score on the bottom left, statistics on the bottom right, and a sponsor bug in the corner. You see the ITB brand there as well, and the individual chyrons for the personalities are double liners, so you can fit their name and social media handles in addition to the ITB logo as well. It looks as professional as you can make it on a typical streaming show.
  2. The backgrounds look clean as well. Caplan has the pro bookshelf thing going on, Geoff has the Inside the Birds banner, and Tra appears to be sitting in front of a bunch of signed footballs.
  3. No issues with credibility here. Tra is a former Eagle who has anchored drive time radio in Philadelphia. Adam has decades of NFL experience with various outlets and Geoff has been doing similar going on 25 years now.
  4. Caplan’s audio probably could have been better. Sometimes you’re at the mercy of the internet and can’t do anything about it. Obviously I don’t know anything about his setup, but for anybody doing a YouTube show and hosting from the same room, I recommend getting one of those small ethernet boxes so you can hardwire yourself and not have to worry about wifi signal.
  5. They had a couple of ads air during the show, and Mosher did some promo reads, which is something the JAKIB show really has hammered so far.
  6. ITB has a pregame show involving Greg Cosell and Jason Avant. Tra actually covered for Cosell in week 2. I feel like I was watching the postgame and kept wanting to compare it to the pregame, and use that as a point of reference, but really they are two different offerings entirely, so you have to make that distinction. The pregame show is on location and has a really nice multi-cam setup, similar to what JAKIB is doing at Oceans Casino. Maybe the evolution of ITB here is to do both pre and postgame live in the same location, but that seems like a lot of work and a lot of man hours.
  7. The analysis was good. These are three guys here who obviously know football. I think one of the things that hurts the independent shows, like this one and JAKIB, is the inability to divert and go live to press conferences, locker room interviews, and things of that nature. This is where NBC Sports Philadelphia has an obvious advantage, because they can move from shot to shot, throw full-screen graphics up there, and just work more angles with more resources.

Overall, this is a good show. It’s very straightforward and impartial and the analysis is solid. There aren’t as many bells and whistles as you’ll see with JAKIB or NBCSP, as the Inside the Birds focus is on their pregame show, which was launched well before the postgame show, but if you’re looking for another option, this is worthwhile and recommended.